Radio Weed Show Videos

December 25, 2017

Video podcasts from the broadcast days of the Radio Weed Show, aka The Medical Marijuana Radio Show hosted by Steve Greene and featuring co-host Rick Thompson. Also featured are show regulars Denise Policella and Ryan Bringold.


2011 10-8-11 presents The Medical Marijuana Radio Show as heard on 1310 AM Detroit’s Progressive Talk Medical Marijuana Radio Show from 10-8-11. Rick and Steve talk about firearms, medical cannabis patients and federal law changes.

_______ – Medical Marijuana Rado Show from WDTW AM on 12-3-11

Rick Thompson from Big Daddys Mgt Group, breaking news. Ben Horner runs for office: 51st State District, Attorney Paul Tylenda talks about the case. Jamie Lowell from 3rd Coast Compassion Center in Ann Arbor co-hosts. Patient and caregiver, Steve Greene hosts.



January MMRS from WDTW in Detroit on 1-7-12

Rick Thompson Guest-Hosts, Rick and Steve talk to Judge Dray from LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition) from California. Also- Pony Boy from Los Marijuanos Get all the fun at


Jan 14, 2012

Steve Greene hosts, Denise Policella and Rick Thompson co-host. Shakina Pena from Your Healthy Choice alternatives in Lansing talks about her acquittal on election tampering charges. Brandy Zinc an ambassador from ASA and from the Cannabis Counsel in Detroit Talks about the Repeal Marijuana Prohibition Proposition of 2012. Tom Loeb and Neil Rockind go at the Clinical Relief charges in Ferndale being dropped. Catch it all at


Six hour block of programming includes a rare recording of Jamie Lowell and Rick Thompson appearing on the 2011 Genesee County Compassion Club radio show. That broadcast begins at 1 hour in on this video. Published in January of 2012.


February MMRS from WDTW, Detroit on 2-4-12

Published on Feb 6, 2012
DJ Short, Rick Thompson, Steve Greene

_____ MMRS from 1310 WDTW on 2-11-12

Published on Feb 11, 2012
Michigan Rep Cavanagh (D-Redford Twp), Rep Jeff Irwin (D-Ann Arbor),and Rep Mark Meadows (D-East Lansing) join patient and caregiver Steve Greene and Rick Thompson to discuss the upcoming package of medical marijuana bills coming before the house Judiciary Committee

_____ MMRS from WDTW 1310 AM Detroit on 2-18-12

Published on Feb 18, 2012
Guest: Tim Beck, Coalition for a Safer Detroit on the recent turn of events in the courts on the decrim initiative that the Detroit Board of Elections refused to place on the ballot, regarfless of the number of signatures collected. Additional topic: bills coming before the Michigan House Judiciary Committee on 2-23 & 3-1, 2012. Guest hosts Rick Thompson and Denise Policella.


March MMRS from 3-24-12 on location at the 2nd THC EXPO

The Medical Marijuana Radio Show from The THC expo as heard on 1310 WDTW Detroit’s Progressive Talk. Steve Rick and Denise talk about the law and talk to vendors at the expo. This is the second annual event, last year held at the Suburban Showcase in Novi. This year the venue was the Roostertail – which has a half a cemetery of history. The Four Tops and George Carlin are just two acts that recorded LIVE albums there in the 60’s. A Detroiter native to the city had the Roostertail built to watch the Detroit River speed boat races boat races which began in the 40’s and still take place today. This weekend it elegantly housed a medical marijuana exposition.

_____ MMRS from AM 1310 WDTW, Detroit on 3/31/12

Published on Mar 31, 2012
The Shameful Michigan House Judiciary Bills Pass. American Weed. The Hash Bash. Detroit Music Awards Nominee Joe Kidd sings LIVE in studio. Steve Greene Rick Thompson and Denise Pollicella co host the show.


April on WDTW from the 2012 Hash Bash (Monroe Street)

Published on Apr 8, 2012 Broadcast Live on WDTW radio
Steve Denise and Rick do the show LIVE from the Monroe Street Fair next to the Hash Bash Protest. The fair is where everyone goes after the formal gathering on the U of M “diag”.
_____ MMRS from 1310 WSTW on 4-14-12

Published on Apr 14, 2012
Steve and Rick talk about upcoming events and politics.
______ MMRS from WDTW on 4/28/12
Published on Apr 28, 2012
Steve and Rick welcome Adam from Hydro Hut in inkster into the studio with Ryan – a new Specs Howard radio intern for the show. Topics include the Michigan House Medical Marijuana Bills up for a vote this week, a new listener contest is announced, A remote broadcast for next week at the Global Marijuana March is May 5th for next weeks show from Grand Circus Park Downtown in Detroit and a rally on the Capitol steps is unveiled for May 15th.

May MMRS from WDTW in Detroit on 5/5/12

Published on May 13, 2012
Messy J and Codini with Kolorblind join Hosts Steve Greene, Denise Policella and Rick Thompson.

_____ MMRS from WDTW AM 1310 5/19/12

_____ MMRS from 1310 WDTW on 5/26/12

Published on May 28, 2012
Steve Greene – Denise Policella – Rick Thompson welcome attorney Glen McGandliss to the show,.


June MMRS from WDTW AM Detroit on 6-09-12

Published on Jun 9, 2012
Rep. Mike Callton (R, Ionia Barry Counties) sponsor of Michigan HB 5580 a dispensary bill, and co-sponsor of HB 5681 a completely different dispensary bill on the difference and what we should support. Steve Greene, Rick Thompson and Denise Policella Host. Ryan with the MMJ news and we play Toker Trivia for Cedar Point tickets.


July MMRS from WDTW AM Detroit on 7/28/12

Published on Aug 2, 2012
Steve, Rick and Denise Welcome State Rep. Mike Callton (R) Nashville & State Rep. Jeff Irwin (D) Ann Arbor to the show to discuss The Walsh bills and the two opposing dispensary bills currently at play in the Michigan Legislature


Published on Jul 22, 2012
—– MMRS from WDTW AM on 7-21-12
Published on Jul 22, 2012
Steve, Rick and Denise hang with Ryan in the studio. Subjects: Our Trip to Cedar Point. What’s New There? Outdoor Growing. Whats Legal and How Do You Know? Case Law vs. Statutory Law. The movie shooting in Colorado. THe Cannabis Radio News with Ryan. The New 420 Calendar. Contest to give away a Vaporizer from Puff Danny’s Glass Botique.

_____ MMRS from WDTW AM Detroit on 7-7-12

Published on Jul 9, 2012
Steve Greene, Denise Policella, Rick Thompson host. Scott from Saginaw, Michigan is a guest on the phone with troubles with police and a lawyer, seeks advice. He was a patient in a compassion club who found himself charged. We give away Cedar Point tickets playing toker trivia.


August MMRS from WDTW AM Detroit on 8/11/12

Published on Aug 14, 2012
Steve, Rick, Denise and Ryan discuss the upcoming vote in the Senate Judiciary Committee, Eric Gunnels calls from the Clio area to report about his recent victory in the primary election for Thetford Township board position. The announcement of a great trip for listeners to win to a LIVE broadcast in Ohio. Toker Trivia contest for a vaporizer or Titaniun BOLT.

_____ MMRS LIVE from the Dream Cruise in Detroit 2012

Published on Aug 18, 2012
Steve, Rick, and Denise talk politics and hot cars from the classic car mecca event along the route in Ferndale.


September MMRS from KACC with Elvy Musikka Pt. 2 on 9/15/12

Published on Sep 15, 2012
This is part 2 of 2 We are live at the Kalamazoo Area Compassion Club to host a special appearance by Federal MMJ patient (one of 4 remaining in the program). The first of a 2 hour special broadcast.

_____ MMRS from WDTW AM Detroit on 09-08-12

Published on Sep 8, 2012
Jane Felice Boudreau, Candidate for Oakland County Sheriff is our in studio guest for the hour. We play Toker Trivia for prizes. is where you can donate.






_____ – Rep Mike Callton with an elderly patient testimonial

Michigan House Rep Mike Callton speaks on medical marijuana, and introduces a guest patient. Helen Prior, an elderly patient with a tremor disorder tells her brief story. Amazing. October 14, 2012.