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December 24, 2017

Political Twist Up Radio Show Podcasts

The Political Twist-Up Show was the last incarnation of the original Medical Marijuana Radio Show featuring both Steve Greene and Rick Thompson. It was a syndicated radio show on the AM airwaves in multiple markets in Michigan.





PoliticalTwistUp.com radio show from 3/9/13

Published on Mar 10, 2013
Senator Rick Jones and Rep. Jim Townsend from Michigan debate Senate Bill 63 – The Michigan Firearms Freedom Act Bill, designed to protect Michigan made and sold guns (to Michigan citizens) from any federal regulation.




PoliticalTwistUp.com Studio recap of Denver show 4/27/13

From 4.27.13 talking about the crazy Denver trip and the High Times Cannabis Cup…


RadioWeedShow.com MMRS from 1310 WSTW on 4-14-12

Steve and Rick talk about upcoming events and politics.



PoliticalTwistUp.com full studio show from 5/11/13

Decriminalize Grand Rapids founder Jack Hoffman. The crazies at Liberal Logic 101. Cedar Point’s Annie Zelm and our upcoming trip to the park June 22. -win tickets with us OR buy a seat now with Discounted Admission on our Cedar Point Express bus at PoliticalTwistUp.com. The Lansing City Charter Amendment petition. Ask the Gardener with LJ, from Advanced Nutrients.


PoliticalTwistUp.com Show HIGHLIGHT -Grand Rapids Decrim

Jack Hoffman on the show 5/11/13, explains how public efforts to change marijuana policy in the City of Grand Rapids ended in court by dismissal of county prosecutor claims and those of the city attorney.





PoliticalTwistUp.com from 6/1/13 from MDCC

We broadcast LIVE from the Metro Detroit Compassion Club where they held their first annual “Members Cup” and the “Burnz1 Cup”.


PoliticalTwistUp.com Cedar Point Gatekeeper Show 6/22/13

The syndicated radio show comes this week LIVE from Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio. Featuring Steve Greene, Ryan Bringold, Rick Thompson and several Cedar Point management persons.




July 21, 2013

PoliticalTwistUp.com from Iron Labs Studio at Iron Labs testing Walled Lake, Mi

Steve, Rick and Ryan discuss the Mi Court of Appeals “medibles” decision “Mr. Science” -Joe at Iron Labs. The Federal Appeals Court Denial on ASA’s Petition to Reschedule Cannabis is discussed with ASA’s Kris Hermes in Washington DC. Attorney Paul Tylenda talks about 73 y.o. Barb Agro’s retrial for cultivation of her and her late husbands 16 plants. And LJ from advanced nutrients does ask the gardener.



Steve and Ryan discuss NH becoming the 19th Medical Marijuana State, The Grand Rapids Decrim Initiative follow up with the stats on police encounters, and the Cities of Ferndale and Jackson are turning in petitions to decriminalize marijuana in their cities. Also the Mackinaw Bridge Walk in September.



From 8/3/2013. Steve Rick and Ryan welcome Ypsilanti Michigan’s 3rd Coast Compassion Center’s Jamie Lowell to the show to talk about recent raids served by federal agents (DEA) on local dispensaries and whether they were targeted due to concentrates.


Published on Aug 26, 2013
Steve, Rick and Ryan broadcast from the Flint Iron Labs Studio, Powered by MDCC. Barb Agro update. 7 raids in 2 mos. Are Detroit Police acting properly? The etiquette of RAID. Guests: Former DEA agent and Law Enforcement Against Prohibition representative, Finn Selander, Moms United Against Prohibition Founder Charmie Gholson, And Detroit Urban Statistician and NORML Member Joe White. also Advanced Nutrient Expert Gardener and Rosebud magazine Editor Eljay.



RadioWeedShow.com MMRS from WDTW AM Detroit on 09-08-12

Jane Felice Boudreau, Candidate for Oakland County Sheriff is our in studio guest for the hour. We play Toker Trivia for prizes. boudreauforsheriff.com is where you can donate.


PoliticalTwistUp.com from the Woodward Dream Cruise

Steve, Rick and Ryan broadcast from the Woodward Dream Cruise and welcome Stacey from the Cannabus. We talk to “Mr. Science” Joe from Iron labs to discover the difference between THC and CBD. And of course we have the awesome rides as a backdrop along Woodward Ave in suburban Detroit.




PoliticalTwistup.com HIGHLIGHT – Cedar Point Gatekeeper – trip announcement

Annie Zelm from Cedar Point tells us about the Gatekeeper opening today. We announce a bus trip to the park for $75.00 ea. includes park admission.



PoliticalTwistUp.com The Grand Rapids Decrim issue.