Videos – Radio Shows

December 24, 2017

Thompson’s career in radio dates back to 2011. From the first episodes of the Medical Marijuana Radio Show, aka The Radio Weed Show, through various programs Thompson has a lengthy history of broadcasting.

The links to podcasts from various programs are included below. Most of the episodes of these programs are audio only and are not included in this index. Nearly all of these videos are of programs where Thompson was the host, co-host or key on-air staff member.


The Medical Marijuana Radio Show


The Political Twist-Up Show


The Planet Green Trees Radio Show


The Jazz Cabbage Cafe


The Full Melt Radio Show



Marijuana Addiction -Rick Thompson, Tony and Tim on Life Repair Recovery Talk Radio

July 7, 2018


August 1`4, 2016

The State of Cannabis Legalization in 2016 – Interview w/ Rick Thompson – Cannabis Lifestyle TV


Cannabis experts leaked Michigan medical marijuana guidelines are ‘comprehensive’

Dec. 4, 2017