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December 24, 2017

Flint Water Crisis: A Love Story

Published Feb. 7, 2016. The Flint Water Crisis has created deep divides within the state of Michigan, but it has also drawn people together. This video shows the feel-good kind of story rarely seen on traditional media. It is well worth the view. #flintwatercrisis #flintborn #flintlivesmatter

Cannabis and Concussion with Larry DePalma

Rick Thompson (The Compassion Chronicles) interviews former NHL player Larry DePalma about concussions sustained during his 11-year hockey career, the struggles brain injury has caused, and how cannabis stopped the addictions and suicide attempts. DePalma (played with Minnesota, San Jose and Pittsburgh) says: “Cannabis saved my life.” DePalma supports MILegalize, the marijuana legalization effort in Michigan.


Hard-Hearted Senator Boots Iraq War Veteran from Testifying in Committee

One single criticism of law enforcement is all it takes for Sen. Rick Jones of Michigan to eject an Iraq War veteran from the Judiciary Committee. Dakota Serna was speaking during public testimony on several medical marijuana dispensary bills when the Committee Chair gaveled him down and ordered him from the room. “I fought for my right to speak,” Serna told the Senator, who did not care. Video by Rick Thompson. 12/8/2015


What does Jeff Sessions think about marijuana? Now we know

A video report on the letter issued by U.S. A.G. Jeff Sessions on May 1, which was revealed on June 12. In it Sessions described state-based medical marijuana programs in a negative way, connecting those programs to violence and international cartels. From Rick Thompson of on June 13, 2017


Medical Marijuana Review Panel approves autism

A panel of mostly doctors in Michigan has recommended that autism be added to the list of illnesses written into the state medical marijuana program- although attorneys representing families with sick children had to sue the administrative department to get the petition heard in the first place. An earlier hearing was delayed by several weeks because the Michigan Attorney General’s office apparently severely edited the court documents prior to offering them to the Panel for consideration.

Unfortunately the head of the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, Mike Zimmer, overruled the panel of mostly doctors and denied the petition.


1st High Times Cannabis Business Summit- Washington DC 2015

Photos from the 1st High Times Cannabis Business Summit, held at the Washington DC Hilton. Some of the industry’s top names were in attendance- like Dan Skye, Steve DeAngelo, Robert Platshorn, David Kohl, Rep. Earl Blumenauer, Raphael Mechoulam (via Skype). An event not to be missed! Video by Rick Thompson and yeah, I’m in it a lot.


MILegalize rally in Lansing May 20, 2016

MILegalize rally video with Al Williams speaking. Get fired up! Work your butt off and make this happen! Hear what the man has to say.


MI Legalize is an initiative campaign that aims to legalize marijuana

Thompson wrote the copy, mixed the audio and produced the video.


Tommy Chong Radio Commercial for MILegalize 2


Lansing Legal Medical Marijuana Rally

From September, 2012