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December 24, 2017

Hash Bash 2013: Laith Al-Saadi plays Lennon’s “John Sinclair”

Hash Bash 2013: Laith Al-Saadi plays John Lennon’s song “John Sinclair”. recorded by Rick Thompson/Midwest Multi Media Management and The Compassion Chronicles. Laith later went on to compete in the national television show “The Voice”.

Laith Al Saadi at Hash Bash 2014

Hash Bash 2014 musical guest Laith Al-Saadi performs The Beatles song “With a Little Help From My Friends.”


Melissa Etheridge at HTCC 2016

Melissa Etheridge performs during the High Times Medical Cannabis Cup in Clio, Michigan on June 11, 2016.


Hey, Beautiful

A memorial tribute to Renee Emery Wolfe, cannabis activist who passed away in 2013. Renee made herself famous by lighting up a joint in the office of an elected Representative; she was a multiple sclerosis patient. A tribute song was performed during the Global Marijuana March in Detroit in 2015.