In The News- 2012

July 12, 2016

Read some of Rick’s more quotable media appearances from the year 2012

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Court ruling hasn’t stopped all Michigan pot shops

January 8 2012

The result: A statewide court ruling that was supposed to provide clarity to a vague law has simply become a tool of discretion, depending on where you live.

“It was heralded as the death knell for all dispensaries. Well, it wasn’t,” said Rick Thompson, a spokesman for Big Daddy’s in Burton, Detroit, Sandusky and Macomb County’s Chesterfield Township. “We have loved ones who are ill, and we believe in what we’re doing. We have to fight for these things while we’re still healthy. If we’re too sick, it may become too late.”


New Baltimore City Council Has Mixed Feelings on Medical Pot Dispensaries

January 24, 2012



Medical Marijuana Supporters Campaign for Limited Legalization In Michigan

The dwindling pool of cooperating doctors is one of the many reasons that Michigan voters must consider supporting limited legalization of the drug, said Rick Thompson, editor of the Chesterfield Township-based Michigan Medical Marijuana Magazine.

“We’re seeing all kinds of ways that the authorities want to confuse the voters and contradict the intent of the state law, which was to provide safe use of this drug that has proven medicinal purposes,” Thompson said.




House Reps Weigh In on MMA and Pending Legislation
Dexter Patch, White Lake

Feb 13, 2012


Feb 16, 2012


Feb 16, 2012


“You’ve missed the mark on this ordinance. What you are considering is unprecedented in terms of state regulations.”

Legal pot sales on hold in Caro

Tuscola Today, February 24, 2012

Representatives of several organizations that champion medical marijuana around the state spoke during the public hearing, asking the council reexamine the proposed ordinance and clarify what is considered a “dispensary.”
“You’ve missed the mark on this ordinance. What you are considering is unprecedented in terms of state regulations,” said Rick Thompson.

Thompson told the council to “quit thinking in terms of home-based business.”


Chesterfield Township medical marijuana facility agrees to shut down

Feb 29, 2012

Township planning consultant Patrick Meagher testified Tuesday that while Big Daddy’s should not be in heavy industrial zoning, 10 nearby businesses with the same zoning violate the ordinance by performing banned activities. Violators including a pie company, the Chesterfield Township Lions Club and a law office.


House of Hidden Cards: 4 Equals 9–house-of-hidden-cards-4-equals-9

February 24



By Patients, For Patients, With Liberty and Justice for All

March 29


STACKED DECK- House of Hidden Cards Part 2–stacked-deck-house-of-hidden-cards-part-2

March 30, 2012



April 7

City Slang: John Sinclair’s Music and Arts Festival

The 8th annual John Sinclair Music and Arts Festival takes place on April 20 at the Hastings Street Ballroom / Tangent Gallery, presented by Holice P. Wood. Doors at 3.30 p.m., and cover is $10.

According to the release, “Now in its 8th year, the John Sinclair Music & Art Festival has proven to be a must attend event. This year John will be in attendance as our MC. The Tangent Gallery will play host to a number of vendors, as well as a signature gathering seminar for the 2012 ballot initiative to legalize marijuana in Michigan. Speakers: Matt Abel, Dan Silano, and Rick Thompson.

House Reps Weigh in on MMA and Pending Legislation–house-reps-weigh-in-on-mma-and-pending-legislation

April 5, 2012

This information about attitudes lends itself to questions about Lansing’s plan going forward. Rep. Cavanagh has been involved in the workgroup designed to explore altering the MMA, and his insight into the evolution of the ‘Walsh Package’ of bills was a peek behind the curtain for many listeners.


41 Years Later: Hash Bash and the modern Sinclairs–41-years-later-hash-bash-and-the-modern-sinclairs

April 6, 2012


Opposition to House Bills Forges Historic Cannabis Alliance–opposition-to-house-bills-forges-historic-cannabis-alliance

April 17 2012


26% is a Win for House Democrats–26-is-a-win-for-house-democrats

April 27



Michigan Supreme Court Chastises ‘Internally Inconsistent’ Interpretations of Medical Marijuana Act–supreme-court-chastises-internally-inconsistent-icae9d77f23

June 7, 2012



Saginaw Township family angry after BAYANET breaks through door, takes cash during marijuana raid

August 24

Rick Thompson of Flint, co-host of the Medical Marijuana Radio Show, said he is one of many activists around the state who respond to reports of raids to talk with the people involved and offer them guidance.

Thompson said his top priority is to make sure the people involved have proper legal representation and they hire attorneys familiar with recent changes in marijuana law.


From the comments: Some dislike police drug raid tactics used on Saginaw Township family, others criticize residents’ marijuana use

August 28 2012

“Medical Marijuana Radio Show” host Rick Thompson, activist Charmie Gholson and Saginaw Township residents Tyler Markva, Brittney Markva and Brittney’s 2-year-old daughter, Areigha (center) speak in front of the Saginaw Township home that was raided this week.



Medical Marijuana Becomes Mainstream–medical-marijuana-becomes-mainstream

September 5, 2012

September 4

Medical Marijuana Is Mainstream

Medical Marijuana Is Mainstream

Michigan’s Medical Marijuana Community Proves They Are Just Like Other Service Organizations- Sometimes, They Are Even Better…

By Rick Thompson



Dr. William Courtney and ‘The Raw Truth’–dr-william-courtney-and-the-raw-truth

October 18, 2012


Three Blind Mice–three-blind-mice

October 18



A Tale of Two Cities–a-tale-of-two-cities

November 5


Marijuana activists pleased with early vote results in Michigan, nationwide

Nov 7, 2012

Medical marijuana advocates let out periodic cheers from a smokey room at the Cannabis Counsel offices’ election result party in Detroit Tuesday night that stretched into Wednesday morning.

Pro-marijuana proposal after proposal passed voters Tuesday, including five votes to decriminalize pot in five Michigan cities.

Rick Thompson, the editor forThe Compassion Chroniclesand a radio host of “The Medical Marijuana Radio Show,” took in the results at the Cannabis Counsel’s office, busily tapped at his keyboard checking voting results across the state and nation.
Behind him was an enormous pot leaf on a tie-dye wall tapestry.

The poster on another wall knocked off the Barack Obama campaign slogan, “yes we can.”
With a same red-white-and-blue design scheme, it alternatively said: “Yes we cannibus.”

A box of hemp plus omega granola bars sat atop some filing cabinets.

“Washington legalized; KIRO news calls it,” Thompson says excitedly. “So we have two. We have two states. Fantastic. Yes.”

The action is taking place in offices where attorney Matt Abel and his law partners work defending those charged with violating drug laws, usually marijuana grow operations or violations related to the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act.

Abel led the unsuccessful Committee for a Safer Michigan effort to repeal marijuana prohibition in Michigan and assisted with legal efforts to get Detroit’s Proposal M onto the ballot this November.

Proposal M would decriminalize up to 1 ounce of marijuana for personal recreational use by persons over 21 in Detroit.

Its passage was a matter of concern. Thompson frequently rattled off the latest news on voting results; “65 percent with 9 percent of the precincts reporting,” he’d say.

Abel said he was confident from the very beginning that it would pass in Detroit — if it came before voters. He helped move forward the legislation that was held up in litigation for nearly two years.

Results as of 2 a.m. indicated, with 57 percent of Detroit precincts reporting, 65 percent favored the measure.

Abel, who had to be in a Novi courtroom by 9 a.m. Wednesday, said shortly after midnight that he didn’t plan to wait up for the final results.

The focus was broader than just the Detroit proposal for Thompson, Abel and those medical marijuana patients on the first floor watching TV and smoking medicinal marijuana together.

They were not only concerned with the passage of liberating marijuana laws in Detroit, but the new medical marijuana laws passed in Massachusetts, statewide laws to decriminalize marijuana in Washington state, Colorado and Oregon; and marijuana laws up for vote in four other Michigan cities.

Ypsilanti residents voted to make marijuana the lowest law enforcement priority,Grand Rapids voted to make marijuana possession a $25 civil infraction,Kalamazoo approved mandated dispensaries and Flint voted on a law similar to Detroit’s that would decriminalize marijuana possession up to an ounce.

Flint’s law was passing with 60 percent support and only three precincts awaiting results. Ypsilanti’s measure passed with 74 percent supporting the proposal.

“This is so sweet, this victory that we have waited so long for,” Thompson said when the news that legalization passed in Washington came through. “It doesn’t even have to be our state… Massachusetts became the 18th medical marijuana state and we have two legalizations.”

Abel, obviously pleased but less vocal, chimes in: “The death of prohibition by a thousand cuts.”


Marijuana Proposals 5-0: What Does It Mean?–potlitics

November 14



Senate Democrats Block, Then Allow Anti-Marijuana Legislation–senate-democrats-block-then-allow-anti-marijuana-a9abf5b1c7

December 14, 2012