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Rick Thompson- journalist, businessman and social justice advocate


Activism, Nature, City Life or Studio Shots


Rick has been involved in launching and leading major activist organizations in Michigan, including MACC, Michigan’s ASA Chapter, MINORML and both the MILegalize & Repeal Today campaigns.


Thompson’s nature photography is stunning, and many of his images are for sale!


Urban scenes can be some of the most stark to photograph, and it takes a real eye to discern the mundane from the magical.


From product shots to marijuana glamour shots, the studio always seems to produce excellent images when Thompson is on the camera.

Blue Dream meme cropped
MM Trade Show 2013 (7)
IMG_2023 (3)
IMG_2276 (2)
IMG_1711 (2)
IMG_0311 (2)
Sandhill Crane (Grus canadensis) from Kensington (6)
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Thompson's Organizations

Activism means being active, and Thompson proves that you can be in more than one place at a time!
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Michigan NORML

Board Secretary
Thompson was elected by Michigan NORML members to be on their Board in 2014
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The Social

Thompson started The Compassion Chronicles in 2012 with Ryan Basore. Since then, Thompson has penned more than 500 original stories regarding medical and legalized marijuana, and other social/entertainment issues
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Board Member
Elected to the Board by a vote of patients and caregivers in 2014, Thompson has guided the public relations efforts of the legalization organization
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Jazz Cabbage Cafe

Since 2011 Thompson has been a weekly player in the romper room that is the Planet Green Trees Radio Show! Nearly 300 episodes recorded, and the guys are still


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